Sunday, 28 November 2010

Black Lion gig

How nice was it to see our name advertised on the board outside the pub! We felt like stars!!!

We've unloaded the geer, set all up, checked the sound, changed into our 'outfits' and the show began.

The stage was VERY cosy. Andy had to play holding his base like this.

Mike was balancing on the edge and kept falling out which is easily done when you are singing with your eyes shut :)

The gig was great! At the end of the show the public would not let us go. We had to play 3 or 4 more songs for the encore. How do you think Robbie Williams' song 'Angels' went with the audience?

There was a lot of people in the pub and they were singing with us and dancing.

'A Penny Change' would like to thank everybody in the Black Lion for giving us a great night. Thanks to everyone that came up to us after the gig with their positive comments.

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